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Hi, we're Skyla and Ryan!

We are the owners of Wanderland Media! We are a husband and wife ( and new parents!!!!! ) filmmaking team! Our mission is to create authentic, and intentional wedding films,  while providing a one of a kind, genuine experience ! We truly believe that our own love radiates into what we do, and we hope you can see that throughout our adventure together!

We carefully craft each step of your journey, from the moment you first inquire until the emotional send-off of your film. We firmly believe that a wedding film isn't just an investment for the present; it's a timeless legacy meant to be cherished for generations to come—your great-grandbabies will revel in its magic. It's a cherished heirloom that future generations will treasure, saying, 'Wow, great Mimi and Papa's wedding was truly unforgettable!' Your dream is our mission, and we're dedicated to making your film as unique as your love story.

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My journey, which began during my time at High School in the Academy of Creative Technologies (ACT), holds a special memory. In my senior year, they announced a scholarship opportunity, and while I can't quite recall the theme, I distinctly remembered a short film I had crafted earlier that year titled 'Moments.' With little expectation, I submitted it.

As time whisked us to the end-of-year ACT banquet, I was in for a surprise – my name was called, and I had won a $1,000 scholarship! I graduated, met Ryan, and together, we embarked on the journey of Wanderland Media. Since then, we've had the privilege of documenting over 100 unique love stories.

Each one of our couples has not only allowed us to share in their special moments but has also profoundly impacted our lives. I'm deeply grateful for each and every one of them.

My journey began when.... 

Valerie + Stefaney

I cannot think of a more perfect vendor experience than working with Skyla. Her excitement is infectious, her eye for great shots is unmatched and her communication skills were impeccable. 

"I cannot think of a more perfect vendor experience..."

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